Media Guests

The following are the Hollywood guests for the Grand Rapids Comic-Con on November 8-10, 2019, at the DeVos Place in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Click on each link for additional biographical information, pictures, signing schedule, and prices.

Please understand that selfies with celebrities are usually not free, so ask each celebrity about that before shooting. We also will not be allowing selfies at any panels out of respect for the fans who are there to listen to the presentations.

Autograph prices and schedules are subject to change without notice.

Cancellations: Dean Cain (filming commitment), Bill Farmer (filming commitment), Anjali Bhimani (work commitment)

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Celebrity Guest List

Patrick Warburton
“Family Guy”, “Seinfeld”, “The Tick”, “The Venture Bros.”

Ross Marquand
“The Walking Dead”, Avengers–Endgame

Tobin Bell
The Jigsaw Killer in the Saw films; Mississippi Burning

Tony Todd
Candyman, Final Destination, “Star Trek: TNG”

Paul Freeman
MMPR: The Movie, Raiders Of The Lost Ark

Vernon Wells
“Power Rangers Time Force”, The Road Warrior, Commando

Barbara Goodson
“Mighty Morphin Power Rangers”, “Star Wars The Clone Wars”

Jason Narvy
Skull in “Mighty Morphin Power rangers”

Paul Schrier
Bulk in “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers”, “Power Rangers HyperForce”

Kerrigan Mahan
“Mighty Morphin Power Rangers”, “VR Troopers”

Aaron Dismuke
“RWBY”, “Fairy Tale”, “My Hero Academia”

Shannon McCormick
“RWBY”, “Camp Camp”,  DC Universe Online

Samantha Ireland
“RWBY”, “Camp Camp”, “Red vs. Blue”

Jason Marsden
“Young Justice Outsiders”, Spirited Away, A Goofy Movie

Greg Weisman
“Gargoyles”, “Young Justice”, “Star Wars Rebels”

Zehra Fazal
“Young Justice Outsiders”, “Voltron”, Borderlands 3

Zeno Robinson
“Young Justice Outsiders”, “One Punch Man”

Sara Karloff
daughter of Frankenstein actor Boris Karloff

Ann Robinson
War Of The Worlds (1953), Dragnet (1954)

Carolina Ravassa
Overwatch, Grand Theft Auto 5, Max Payne III

Chloe Hollings
voice of Widowmaker in Overwatch

Paul Blake
Greedo in Star Wars: Episode IV–A New Hope

Tom Kane
“Star Wars: The Clone Wars”, “Foster’s Home…”

Jennifer Riker
“Black Lightning”, “Lodge 49”, “Nashville”

Alexis Tipton
“My Hero Academia”, Escaflowne, “Dragonball Super”

Ming Chen
“Comic Book Men”, A Shared Universe (podcast)

Rob Miller
“Face Off”