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What Is A “Fan Panel” Anyway?

Fan panels are seminars, presentations, and or/lectures held at comic book and other popular arts conventions presented by patrons from the fan community rather than a professional artist, literary or media guest. These are panels that come from a more fan-based perspective rather than a professional one and may not be as polished but exudes a passion for the topic discussed. Fan panels at conventions are as old as the popular arts convention itself and can be first traced back to the original science fiction gatherings as early as 1947. Today, fan panels are just as popular as ever and are presented at all types of popular arts conventions but especially at anime and more traditional science fiction events as well as shows hosted at colleges.

The Grand Rapids Comic-Con is proud to continue the tradition of fan panels and have saved a decent amount of hours in our programming rooms for panels that are created by the fan base. These panels will be a part of the schedule and will be advertised like any other panel at the show. Each fan panel will also have professional visual and audio equipment with knowledgeable technicians available in case of a problem; please bring a computer to use if you need it for Power Point or other slide shows or videos.

Do you have a particular passion for a very specific aspect of fandom? Do you have a particular TV show such as “Supernatural” or “Firefly” that especially excites you? Do you consider “Rick and Morty” to be as deep and meaningful as Shakespeare and desire to prove it? Do you feel Janeway is the best Star Trek captain and wish to verify such to the Kirk fanbase?  Maybe you’re an independent or aspiring artist and desire to share great wisdom about your future profession? And would you like the opportunity to speak about it in front of other die-hard fans of the same ilk? If so, we have the opportunity for you!

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