Film Fest

The Grand Rapids Comic-Con will be hosting a shorts film festival sponsored by the Compass College Of Cinematic Arts

applauseThe Grand Rapids Comic-Con is pleased to be hosting a showcase of student and independent film shorts at the event on Saturday, November 22. This festival will be part of the show and no additional tickets or expenses will be expected of fans to attend the event. This film festival will be operated by the Compass College Of Cinematic Arts, a local film school and one of the sponsors of the Grand Rapids Comic-Con.


SHORT FILM BLOCK 1 (3:00 – 4:30 PM)

Journey to Abaddon: The Beginning



Stories of Alyx and Anton

Tokyo Halloween Night


The Cask


SHORT FILM BOCK 2 (5:00 – 6:35 PM)

Dr. Grordbort Presents: The Deadliest Game

Dead Hearts

Treasure Nest

The Music of Erich Zann

Over the Moon


Delica-m: Pretty in the Dark


The Heebie-Jeebies



* * *

compass collegeCompass College of Cinematic Arts is a premier, faith-based film college. Its accelerated program is set in a unique, conservatory-like environment. Through high-end training and a special mentoring process, young artists–future writers, designers, producers, directors, and executives–bring forth a distinctly creative and technical skill set, a strong work ethic, and a Christ-centered focus that fosters entrepreneurial success and serves as an asset on film and television shoots, and in executive studio and corporate settings. The school’s goals are to prepare, enable and connect students with the diversity of the entertainment industry and for them to view their daily work, lives and commitments with purpose, value, and clarity, and with ethical, multicultural and social responsibility. For more information about the Compass College of Cinematic Arts visit their website at