Film Fest

The Grand Rapids Comic-Con will be hosting a shorts film festival sponsored by the Compass College Of Cinematic Arts

applauseThe Grand Rapids Comic-Con is pleased to be hosting a showcase of student and independent film shorts at the event on Saturday, October 21. This festival will be part of the show and no additional tickets or expenses will be expected of fans to attend the event. This film festival will be operated by the Compass College Of Cinematic Arts, a local film school and one of the sponsors of the Grand Rapids Comic-Con.

Saturday, October 21

12:00 pm-5:00 pm

Grand Gallery A-C

The Grand Rapids Comic-Con Film Festival exists to support independent filmmakers, particularly those who have made short films for audiences who love science fiction, fantasy, action, comedy, animation, superheroes, and other nerd-oriented genres.

The Film Festival is one of many events at the Grand Rapids Comic-Con, which takes place annually in beautiful Grand Rapids, Michigan. The Con is a family-friendly event, which emphasizes the culture of nerds, geeks, and comic book enthusiasts. Our film festival is open to all independent filmmakers, but we give preference to films that play to our specific audience.


Short Film Block 1




After achieving success and wealth at a young age, the cynical yet charming Z has it all. But, when he receives the news that he’s dying, he is unable to accept depriving the world of his brilliance. He then becomes obsessed with immortalizing his legacy. His innovation and technology help him towards his goal – but is it enough?

We’ll Always Have Paris

A mime falls in love with a photographer and chases him around the streets of Paris.

The Man Behind the Mask

Pedro Machado travels the UK and globe on his American Chopper named ‘Captain America’ entertaining children at different events and various hospitals.

Helping Hand

After an Adventurer breaks into a castle to steal an artifact, he finds himself pursued by some paranormal adversaries.

Tommy & the Little Free Library

A storybook-esque tale, with dialogue and narration entirely in verse. A lonely young bookworm, Tommy, ventures away from his usual hangout by the Little Free Library and goes to the local park to try to make a friend.

Second Life

The moment Neurobiologists discovered how to copy human memories to a hard drive, Mankind began abandoning the physical world to a virtual reality called Second Life. In the wake of a growing shortage in memory storage, it was decided to minimize human interaction, and speech was outlawed.

Meditations by Shadow

A woman tries to relax while listening to a guided meditation. But something’s just not right.


A story about a woman who wears a mask to hide her depression/Insecurity, But she soon realizes she must find the strength to escape its clutches before it traps her forever.

Bragging Rights

Three superhero housemates try to out brag each other with their accomplishments.


An immortal beast that resides in a field of dandelions is plagued by a curse that causes him to kill anything he touches with his paws. Until one day a young girl stumbles upon him and takes it upon herself to solve his problem. Through this chance encounter a friendship blooms through the years.


A lonely lighthouse keeper grapples with the loss of his wife. He makes a mistake and risks his life to fix it finding peace with his wife’s passing in the process.

AB Part II

AB meets a mysterious man by chance late at night in a shadowy alleyway. The man passes on a relic of the past that holds the key to AB’s future.

The Adventures of Lucy

In order to defeat the dark manifestation of her cancer, a young girl must use the power of imagination to overcome her fears.

Long Night

Long Night is about a timid and unemployed man, Will Hollenbeck, who has no choice but to reconnect with his idiot brother when his mother passes away. In a crunch to get money, they devise a plan to rob a gas station which in turn goes horribly and comedically wrong, causing both of them to have a very long night.

Short Film Block 2



During the daytime, Ervin works as a teacher in a suburban school where he tries to survive among the deviant students and apathetic teachers. At night, he spends every minute trying to finish his first comic book for a little publishing house.

We Hate Bob

Suffering through the constant torments of an extremely annoying person named Bob, a monthly support group secretly gathers to vent their frustrations.

Wish You Were Here

Teleportation has replaced all other forms of travel in the U.S. For most everyone, it has been a welcome innovation. However, a rare condition limits Bennett’s ability to teleport. Feeling isolated and alone, he starts a long-distance relationship with the one who got away.

To Whom It May Concern

A survivor of the apocalypse searches to confirm if he is truly alone.

Red Skies

A man tries to pack away his belongings before a storm hits his urban home. As the eye of the storm ascends upon him, the man discovers that something other-worldly is among the cardboard boxes.


Alex’s friend Noah comes to him with a mysterious pyramid shaped computer Noah believes to be AI from the future. Tensions run high as they discuss whether or not to install the accompanying software.

Squee! The Fangirl Project

Squee! docuseries is a celebration, a history, and a growing archive of women’s experiences and contributions to fandom & popular culture.

In Repair

A mother tries to mend her broken relationship with her only daughter.

She Never Felt the Cold

A fishing girl sees something strange appear in her cold paper world.


A grieving mother of a missing child finds solace with the monster under her daughter’s bed.

Useful. Valid. True.

Alone in a small room, a man is confronted with questions that have no answers, in a world where there are no lies—only a lack of understanding.

Sonata at Blossom Bridge

In a peaceful and quiet forest, two cherry blossoms drifting down from their tree rub each other the wrong way mid descent. They draw their ‘blades’ of grass, and begin a minute yet epic duel for both their honor and their lives.

Horse Dad

A playful, father-son story about a young horse named Charlie who grows increasingly frustrated by his dad’s his lame jokes.

Accepting Armageddon

Arthur is a melodramatic college student living in Michigan when he is dumped by his girlfriend on the same day the apocalypse begins. He and his roommates are forced to figure out how to survive both the end of the world and the end of Arthur’s relationship.


Awards Ceremony After A Short Break

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