Film Fest

The Grand Rapids Comic-Con Film Festival

applauseThe Grand Rapids Comic-Con is pleased to be hosting a showcase of student and independent film shorts at the event on Saturday, April 15. This festival will be part of the show and no additional tickets or expenses will be expected of fans to attend the event.



Saturday, April 15

11:30 am to 2:30 pm

The Grand Rapids Comic-Con Film Festival exists to support independent filmmakers, particularly those who have made short films for audiences who love science fiction, fantasy, action, comedy, animation, superheroes, and other nerd-oriented genres.

The Film Festival is one of many events at the Grand Rapids Comic-Con, which takes place annually in beautiful Grand Rapids, Michigan. The Con is a family-friendly event, which emphasizes the culture of nerds, geeks, and comic book enthusiasts. Our film festival is open to all independent filmmakers, but we give preference to films that play to our specific audience.

There will be an intermission around halfway through the festival.

Film Lineup:

Wicked Plans
Stalled Trek: The City on the Edge of Foreclosure
Brain On Fire
Dr. Mania
The Aspirant
Allen from Mars
Pour Games
The Quest for Karma
The Path of the Greys