Media Guests

*Please note: We ask that you be respectful of guests who require masks and or plexiglass for meeting them and for photoshoots.  Click on their photos for more information. 

The following are the Hollywood guests for the Grand Rapids Comic-Con on November 11-13, 2022, at the DeVos Place in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Click on each link for additional biographical information, pictures, signing schedule, and prices.

Please understand that selfies with celebrities are usually not free, so ask each celebrity about that before shooting. We also will not be allowing selfies at any panels out of respect for the fans who are there to listen to the presentations.

Autograph prices and schedules are subject to change without notice.

The following celebrities were originally scheduled but will no longer be appearing: Chris Potter (filming commitment)

Celebrities scheduled to appear are below.

November 11-13, 2022 Celebrity Guest List

Keith David
The Princess And The Frog, “Gargoyles”, “Rick and Morty”, The Thing, They Live

Grey Delisle-Griffin
Scooby-Doo, “Fairly Odd Parents”, “DC Super Hero Girls”, “Avatar”

Deep Roy
Star Wars: ESB and ROTJ, Star Trek (2009), Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

Sarah Natochenny
“Pokemon”, “44 Cats”, GTA V, Sheep & Wolves

Kane Hodder
Friday The 13th 7-9, Jason X, Hatchet I-III

Tom Morga
Friday The 13th 5, Halloween 4, TCM 2, Star Trek

Ken Kirzinger
Freddy Vs Jason, “The X-Files”, “Stargate: SG-1”

Warrington Gillette
Friday The 13th Part 2, Penny Dreadful

CJ Graham
Friday The 13th 6, Highway To Hell

Ari Lehman
Kid Jason in Friday The 13th (1980), First Jason

Colleen O’Shaughnessey
Sonic The Hedgehog 1-2, “Danny Phantom”, “Naruto”

Jeff Daniel Phillips
The Munsters (2022), GEICO caveman, Halloween  II, 31

Brianna Knickerbocker
“Demon Slayer”, “Fire Emblem: Fates”, Durarara!!x2

Austin St. John
“Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” original Red Ranger

Cal Dodd
“X-Men: TAS”, “Goosebumps”, Marvel Vs Capcon

Alison Sealy-Smith
“X-Men: TAS”, Dark Water, Honey, “Sailor Moon”

Catherine Disher
“X-Men: TAS”, “The Good Witch”, “War Of The Worlds”

Lenore Zann
“X-Men: TAS”, “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”

George Buza
“X-Men: TAS”, “The Red Green Show”, “Star Wars: Ewoks”

Chris Britton
“X-Men: TAS”, “Death Note”, “Painkiller Jane”

Eric and Julia Lewald
co-creator “X-Men: The Animated Series”

Larry Houston
“X-Men: TAS”, GI Joe: The Movie, “Captain Planet”

Len Uhley
“X-Men: TAS”, “Darkwing Duck”, “Ben 10: Alien Force” 

Matthew Wood
Star Wars ROTS, Wall-E, There Will Be Blood

Marta Kristen
Judy Robinson in “Lost In Space” (1965)

Donnie Dunagan
Bambi, Son Of Frankenstein, Tower Of London

Peter Behn
voice of Thumper in Disney’s Bambi (1942)

Dr. Mortose
local horror host, future ruler of the world