Media Guests

*Please note: We ask that you be respectful of guests who require masks and or plexiglass for meeting them and for photoshoots.  Click on their photos for more information. 

The following are the Hollywood guests for the Grand Rapids Comic-Con on April 14-16, 2023, at the Kalamazoo Expo Event Center on Kalamazoo, Michigan. Click on each link for additional biographical information, pictures, signing schedule, and prices.

Please understand that selfies with celebrities are usually not free, so ask each celebrity about that before shooting. We also will not be allowing selfies at any panels out of respect for the fans who are there to listen to the presentations.

One of the most frequent questions we see on social media is “How much is (insert celeb name)’s autograph?” Most will run between $20 and $100 but we have found that many of our celebrities do not even set their price until they see what others are charging. While we try to collect and post this information ahead of time, it sometimes changes without our knowledge, as celebrities set their prices. Sometimes if you post your inquiry on our community discussion page, other fans will share their experiences at other/past events. All prices will be available at the event, at each celebrities booth. 

Cancellations: The following celebrities were originally scheduled but will no longer be appearing:

Celebrities scheduled to appear are below:

April 14-16, 2023, Celebrity Guest List

Andrew J. Robinson
“Star Trek: DS9”, Hellraiser, Dirty Harry, Child’s Play 3

Jeffrey Combs
“Star Trek: DS9”, Re-Animator 1-3, The Frighteners

Taylor Gray
“Star Wars Rebels”, “Bucket And Skinner’s Epic Adventures”

Brad Swaile
“Death Note”, “X-Men: Evolution”, “Dragon Ball Z”

Alessandro Juliani
“Death Note”, “Battlestar Galactica”, “The 100”

Shannon Chan-Kent
“Death Note”, “Littlest Pet Shop”, “Superbook”, “Pucca”

Brian Drummond
“Death Note”, “Dragon Ball Z”, “Spiderman Unlimited”

Bin Furuya
“Ultraman”, Shin Ultraman, Godzilla Vs Monster Zero

Mari Shimizu
voice of Atom on “Astro Boy” (1963 and 1980)

Karan Ashley
“Mighty Morphin Power Rangers”

Captain Wallacer’s Artsy Adventures
Local public access TV show