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  • I can not arrive until 3 pm on Sunday. Will the vendors still be set up?
    Yes. We plan on requiring all vendors to stay set up during the duration of the event.
  • Can I set up a panel?
    Possibly. We are very open to all types of fandom at the Grand Rapids Comic-Con, and panels are a great way to involve all aspects of the fan community. It also allows other people to learn more about a certain category of geek culture they may not have experienced, plus they allow interaction which is always encouraged. That being said, panels must be approved in advance and must be PG-13 or cleaner with no profanity. We are a family-friendly event, so make sure your proposal is as well. If we use your panel idea we will advertise it in the show program and on Facebook if we have adequate time. Go to this link for more information on how to submit a panel.
  • I’m a newbie at this. What should I bring?
    First of all, comfortable shoes! Your feet will thank you later. Make sure to bring cash, as there is no ATM on the property and a lot of vendors do not take plastic. Also make sure to bring a camera for shooting pictures of the many costumed convention goers (ask permission first!), a tube for posters if you plan on buying those, and an empty short box if you plan on buying a lot of comics. Most important, bring an open mind: you may discover a new aspect of this big world we call fandom you may not knew existed before attending the Grand Rapids Comic-Con. We also have a page dedicated to first timers which can be found here.
  • How much are celebrity autographs?
    Each celebrity sets their own prices and the Grand Rapids Comic-Con has no control over what celebrities may charge for autograph or photo opportunities. Generally speaking, artists do not charge for their autograph.
  • What kind of items will I find at the Grand Rapids Comic-Con?
    Over 175 vendors will be selling the following: new and vintage toys, comic books, posters, graphic novels, action figures, plushies, Gaming, movie/TV collectibles, model kits, Star Wars, Star Trek, anime, manga, Transformers, Disney, McFarland, NECA, sci-fi/horror collectibles, and a lot more.
  • I have young children. Will the show be family-friendly?
    Yes. We will have specific activities for the kids including a children’s costume contest, face painting, drawing activities, and other fun things. We will be marking activities with a code so that parents will be able to tell what may or may not be appropriate for their children. We also encourage parents to cosplay together as a family. That being said, not everything at the show will be rated “G” so we encourage families to stay and shop together so Mom and Dad can monitor appropriately.
  • How do I get my cosplay or fandom club involved in the Grand Rapids Comic-Con?
    Contact Mark Hodges at and he will help you.
  • What will the artists be selling?
    Artists will be selling original prints of their work and various arts and crafts including plushies, pins/buttons, sculptures, and other unique artwork.
  • How much do seminars and film screenings cost?
    All film screenings, seminars, and other events are part of the ticket cost and do not require an additional fee. There will be small charges to have a professional photographer shoot you pictures inside the cars at the car show, but all of that will go to charity.
  • am an artist. Will there be an “Artist Alley” and how can I be involved?
    Yes there will be an “Artist Alley” which will be operated under a juried system. Artists can apply for a space at no cost, which will be reviewed by a committee of local artists who will make the final decisions on who gets in. We accept applications for Artist Alley annually throughout the month of February. If you are accepted you will be contacted by phone, and at that point you will have 15 days to pay for your spot or your table will go to an artist on the waiting list. The application during acceptance times can be downloaded here. For more information or to make sure you will receive one contact Mark Hodges at; if you wish to be placed on an email list then write Mark Hodges at
  • How big is the dealer table and space?
    Each table is eight feet long and 30 inches wide with 7.5 feet of space behind them, totaling a floor space of 10×10 feet feet. Each table includes two chairs.
  • How do I get a vendor application?
    You may get an informational package by contacting Jennifer Hodges at and she will send you a package either through e-mail or snail mail. They can also be downloaded here.
  • How do I pay for my tables?
    Once your vendor application is received and approved, a PayPal invoice will be sent to you.
  • I vend at other conventions. Can I get some flyers to distribute?
    Yes. Please contact Rosie Bono at and she will gladly send you some flyers; please put the word “postcards” in the subject line.
  • How much does a booth space cost?
    Prices and more information can be found here: Vending Hall
  • When is dealer set-up?
    Generally speaking, dealers can set-up from 1-9 pm on Thursday, and 6 am to 11:30 am on Friday. No load-ins after 11:30 am on Friday please!
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