Car Show

Grand Rapids Comic-Con Car Show

The following vehicles will be displayed at the Grand Rapids Comic-Con in the vending area at the DeVos Place on November 12-14.  Each car owner may charge for photographs with their vehicle using your own camera, and proceeds will go the charities mentioned by each car.

Green Goblin Head from Maximum Overdrive

Not a car, but one heck of an automotive prop: the original “Green Goblin Head” off of the Happy Toyz semi truck from the 1986 cult horror film Maximum Overdrive which starred Emilio Estevez and was written and directed by Stephen King. Owner Tim Shockey found this unique prop and brought it back to vivid life after years of neglect. Make sure to get a picture with this unique piece of authentic horror history at the Grand Rapids Comic-Con. For more information on The Goblin Project please click here.

The Original Mystery Machine

Jinkies, gang! This is about as original of a copy of the “Mystery Machine” as you will ever see, as this version is restored from the original van that hanna-Barbera used to promote the original “Scooby Doo, Where Are You?” animated show at county fairs and festivals back in the summer of 1969. Robbin Terry is now the new owner after the vehicle served a stint as a regular display at the world famous Volo Auto Museum! Truly a piece of automotive and pop culture history. Get a picture with the vehicle for a donation to the Lost Limbs Foundation.

Coffin Car

Herman Munster would be proud to drive this around town! The perfect car for Halloween, this “Reapers Ride” Coffin Car was hand built by Aaron Aikman and is displayed at shows when Death himself does not need to borrow these wheels when his car is in the shop. Make sure to get a  picture with this gem of automotive gruesomeness at the Grand Rapids Comic-Con! Photo opportunities will be made available with your own camera in exchange for donations to Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Mach V

Go go, Speed Racer! It’s the Mach V from the classic anime television show. Built by locals Doug and Valarie Saunders, this beautiful replica was hand crafted starting with the frame of a Corvette. The perfect ride for the fan of classic anime! Photo opportunities are available with with your own camera.

Ghostbusters Ecto-1

Ghostbusters booth. “If there’s something strange in your neighborhood, who ya gonna call? “The Great Lakes Ghostbuster Coalition”! They will arrive in their version of an Ecto-1: one of many  Ghostbusters tribute cars that are seen throughout Michigan. These vehicles serve our local spectre-chasing heroes in their quest to capture all malevolent spirits, and one will be providing an awesome photo op! You can find the Ghostbusters online here for all your spirit-filled needs.

Jurassic Park Jeep

jurassic park vehicleFirst comes the oooing and the awwing, then the running and the screaming…well maybe just the admiring noises directed at this marvelous rendition of a Jeep from the dinosaur classic Jurassic Park. Built by Matthew Scheltema, this is the perfect vehicle to use to escape a herd of Velociraptors or pose with a group of buddies for an amazing photo op. Make sure to check out the Jurassic Park Jeep at the Grand Rapids Comic-Con!

“Knight Rider” K.I.T.T.

Every early 80’s kid wanted their own version of K.I.T.T., the vehicle of David Hasselhoff in the show “Knight Rider”. Built out of a 1988 Trans Am, this replica beauty is the perfect car  to round up the bad guys and look fabulous doing so! Photo opportunities will be made available with your own camera in exchange for donations to Make-A-Wish Foundation.