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Jwijaya Art

Artist Alley Booth A-9

Jessica Wijaya (Jwijaya Art) is a freelance illustrator and environment artist who has a love for

visual color and storytelling. As she draws upon visual themes and stories for inspiration, she

embraces her experiences as an environment artist, and combines professional techniques with

her love for Japanese illustration.

As a professional environment artist, she has contributed her skills in areas such as games,

comics and animation. Some notable projects that she has been a part of include ‘Gadget-Bot’s’

webtoon series ‘Kaidro: The Awakening’, and ‘Choc Chip Animation Studios’ ‘The Art of

Murder’.Outside of her contributions as an environment artist, Jessica has also created

illustrations for v-tubers, voice actors, and companies such as Honkai Star Rail.

To find more samples of her work visit:

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