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ANR Illustrations

Artist Alley Booth C-9

Alisha N. Richardson is an Animation & Game Art graduate who specializes in both traditional and digital illustration. Inspired by music, nature, life and death, and the style of art nouveau, her work combines her passions with the artistic exploration of new mediums and techniques. Currently, she works mostly with ink, colored pencils, markers, and metallic foils.

Alisha was the front cover artist for the November 2021 Grand Rapids Comic-Con and the back cover artist for the con's 2023 Spring Fling Road Trip. Currently, Alisha sells art prints, including fine art and metallic foil prints, magnets, greeting cards, and original copies of her artwork. Outside of drawing, Alisha is also passionate about costume design and cosplay. This passion in part was what first led her to the comic-con scene, which inspired her to create artwork that showcases her love for her favorite TV series, movies, comics, and animated media.

To see more of Alisha’s work, please visit her website:

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