After Hours

Just because the vending hall has closed does not mean that the Grand Rapids Comic-Con is over for the evening. Quite the opposite! There will be a plethora of activities at the Grand Rapids Comic-Con after the main hall closes for those who want some late night entertainment. Every activity is part of the admission price, so you don’t need to pay an additional admission charge for any of these after hours events. So plan on sticking around after hours and check out some additional fun!

Friday and Saturday Night

Friday Night

Trivia Challenge

Grab some of your nerdiest friends and come down to Friday night of Grand Rapids Comic Con to challenge your knowledge on your favorite fandoms in a friendly Nerd Trivia competition, hosted by Quizmaster Chris Goad. Candy, geeky gifts, and other swag will be up for grabs. Teams must consist of one to four people.  Event will be held in Grand Gallery E-F on Friday starting at 7 pm. You may find out more about the Trivia Challenge by visiting here.

Dice Tales: DnD Live!

Come watch performers Cari Scholtens, Chuck Fortenbacher, Liz Brand, and Ross Johnson gather around the table of Gamemaster Brooke Heintz in this live tabletop RP event. Combining the classic fantasy D&D setting of Forgotten Realms with the Pathfinder rules system, this performative evening of fast-paced RP will bring you hours of laughter, thrills, might & magic, and of course, dramatic dice-slinging! Event will be held in Grand Gallery Overbook C-D starting at 7 pm. You may find out more about Dice Tales: DnD Live! by visiting here.

Saturday Night

After Party Karaoke

Come sing your heart out in a fun, casual, and judgement free setting! We have all kinds of music and a wifi hotspot to pull down even more from the internet and an aux cable to use music from your phone! Hosted by J83 Entertainment, who is a panelist, cosplayer, photographer and karaoke host whom one can find at conventions across the Midwest. Grand Gallery E-F on Saturday, November 10 form 8 pm until midnight. Find out more about this all-ages karaoke event here.


Restaurant, Coffee Shop, and Bar Information

experience grand rapids logoExperience Grand Rapids will have a booth in the main hallway at the Grand Rapids Comic-Con with maps to the local restaurants, coffee shops, and bars as well as information on other attractions in Grand Rapids, available free of charge. You may find out more information on Experience Grand Rapids here.