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Volfgang Twins

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Drømil and Drømal Vølfgang are identical twin musicians, artists, and craftsmen. Inspired by nature, mythology, and their heritage, they express themselves through creation. The twins are multi-faceted artists who make primarily music, paintings and illustrations, and are skilled builders. They are also axe throwers and stunt men! Their artistic stylization and inspiration is derived from Norse Myth and fueled by their imagination.

Raised in the northern mountains, they have a strong background of life in nature. Forestry, farming, and survival are part of who they are. Nature inspires their arts, as well as tales of old myth and tribal legends. Norse stories have found have a place in their artistic visions and paintings.

Descendants of Germanic barbarians, Drømil and Drømal long to keep the arts of old alive. In fact, their family's stories tell of their ancestors successfully defeating the Roman invasions of the Black Forest in ancient Germania. Without the strength of their ancestors, we would not be here today, and they will never forget it.

Their German physical family tree dates back to the early 1600's, with known family roots tracing as far back into the 1400's.

Drømil and Drømal are also craftsman who have developed skill sets in wood and metal working, mechanics, and construction. In their downtime, they like to build old world musical instruments, and you can find them welding and wrenching on their custom trucks and motorcycles. In addition to art and mechanics, the twins have a passion for music, playing percussion, drums, tagelharpa, guitar, and bass. Together the Vølfgang Twins are always working on new projects and seeking to accomplish the expression of their growing artistic visions.

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