Zachary Jeffries

Artist Alley Booth A-8

Z Jeffries grew up in horse country of the Southeastern United States, daydreaming of adventures while mucking stalls, mowing endless lawns, and working in local restaurant kitchens. Though he continued to work an eclectic mix of jobs, from fake patient for med school to private investigator, he always pursued storytelling; acting, improvising, producing theatre, screenwriting, or finally, novel writing. Now residing in the Midwestern United States, he now works the hardest and most rewarding job of his life as a dad. During nap times and evenings, Jeffries wrote The Hide & Seek Chronicles and Pro Wrestling Saves Earth. He also writes Young Adult contemporary fantasy under the name Zachary Jeffries. Sign up at to read some of his books for free.
Zachary Jeffries hails from the southeastern United Sates where his first jobs were lawn mower, pizza cook, and stable hand. His overactive imagination and love for reading led to to various routes of storytelling through improv, screenwriting, and the Chicago theatre scene. After working under a myriad of names, Jeffries now writes contemporary Young Adult fantasy brimming with tropes, humor, and action. Along with The Unseen Curse and Angel of Fate, Jeffries also publishes middle grade books under the pen name Z Jeffries. You can read books from either pseudonym by signing up at