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Bill Messner-Loebs has been one flavor or other of cartoonist his entire adult life. He was born in Ferndale, Michigan and moved to Alabama, New Orleans and Florida with his parents, as his father worked on various aspects of the space program.

Back in Michigan, Bill was trained as an historian in college but was drawn to art and writing and just after graduating helped to create a small radio production company called “Those Guys in Detroit”, where he wrote 57 second mysteries for the telephone. After homesteading along the Canadian border for a year, he returned to Michigan and began to work for tiny local comic book and gaming companies. Those companies, A Plus and Nucleus comics were among the first true “Independent ” comic companies. Joining another early independent,  Aardvark-Vanaheim, he created Journey the Adventures of Wolverine MacAlistaire, and from there was asked to script the comic book adaptation of the classic Jonny Quest TV show.

He worked for DC comics on Flash, Wonder Woman, Superman and the Batman newspaper strip. For Marvel he wrote Thor and Spider-Man, as well as a two volume history of battles of the Civil War. Along the way, he wrote Aquaman, Green Arrow, Dr. Fate, Hawkman, and was tapped by the State Department to write anti-landmine comics to be distributed by several South American governments.

He wrote pirate comics for Disney and with Sam Kieth, created Epicurus the Sage, a satire of Greek Philosophy and Greek myths which has been used in university courses. He wrote and illustrated contributions to the psychological horror comic Wasteland. Again with Sam Keith he created The Maxx for Image Comics, which became an animated series on MTV, for which he wrote the scripts and acted as a consultant. He also wrote a comic detailing the Viking discovery of America for the History Channel. He was a consultant on the Flash TV show in the Eighties. He won a GLAAD award for his work on the Gay superhero Pied Piper.

After leaving DC Comics, Bill joined Fantasticon Productions, a state of the art digital media company, founded by Arvell Jones. While part of this company handled internet functions for the City of Detroit water department, the public face of Fantasticon was a digital magazine consisting of a suite of media reviews and articles. Bill was in charge of the television and cable departments. Bill wrote reviews, interviews and articles on the emerging cutting-edge of video shows and movies. 

After a year comics again beckoned. Working with Boom! Comics Bill wrote a series of Zombie and Lovecraft comic short stories and the award winning graphic album The Necronomicon. Recently IDW Comics has begun reprints of the Maxx and will shortly begin reprinting Epicurus. Marvel recently reprinted his work on Thor in the graphic album, Sunlight and Shadows. DC has just reprinted his run on Wonder Woman with Mike Deodato and his Elseworld novel, Amazonia with Phil Winslade. Bill has begun working on Yeet Comics with Publisher Mike Jones and has begun scripting new adventures of the Black Fury.

Bill lives near Ann Arbor, Michigan with his wife, Nadine who is a freelance editor and genealogist.

Bill’s Facebook page is here.


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William Messner-Loebs

Building A Time Machine

How to use Historical Research and your own experiences to create an historical series, a novel or a biography. Choosing the subject, finding a point of view and letting yourself go back in time, whether the 1960’s, The 1810’s, World War II, the Wild West or the time of the Greek Philosophers. Use your sources, don’t let them control you! Let Bartlett’s be your friend. By the World’s Oldest Living Cartoonist.