Victoria Price

Saturday, November 12 only!

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Victoria Price is an American public speaker and the author of the inspirational memoir, The Way of Being Lost: A Road Trip to My Truest Self and Vincent Price: A Daughter’s Biography. She currently spends much of her time traveling and speaking about the life of her father, Vincent Price, as well as many inspirational self-development topics.

Price is the author of the inspirational memoir, The Way of Being Lost: A Road Trip to My Truest Self. In 1999, Price wrote Vincent Price: A Daughter’s Biography, and released an updated version with changed acknowledgements in 2014. She has also written the preface for a 50th anniversary edition of A Treasury of Great Recipes, a cookbook written by Vincent Price and his wife Mary.

Price has taught at the University of New Mexico, the New Mexico Highlands University, and the Philos School, an alternative arts-and-humanities school in Santa Fe.

She has worked as an interior designer, and has appeared on HGTV and in many design publications. She is also an interfaith/interspiritual minister, having been ordained in 2016. She is an inspirational speaker, giving talks internationally creativity, spirituality, wellness, art and design, as well as on the life of her father and other topics. She is on the board of the Vincent Price Art Museum (link here) in California .

She also appeared in the movie Edward Scissorhands, her father’s last film, where she played a newscaster.

Her Twitter account is here and her Instagram is here.


Saturday at 4:00 pm in Mainstage in Steelcase Ballroom B

My Father Vincent Price

The daughter of the famous acting legend discusses her childhood and discussing Vincent Price from a perspective only she can understand: Dad.