Vending Room

photo/Michael Buck

photo/Michael Buck

You can download a map of the vending hall here: floor plan 11-15.

The following are the vendors who will be attending the Grand Rapids Comic-Con. Each one will be in the vending room all three days of the convention. There will be lots of great merchandise to buy, including comic books, graphic novels, action figures, statuettes, posters, lobby cards, collectibles, and lots of other neat-o stuff. Make sure to take some time and check out all the wonderful stuff that you could take home for yourself or friends (remember that Christmas is right around the corner!).

Listings are alphabetical and include the company name, website (click on the blue links), a general description of what they sell, and their booth number.

Make your shopping list now! Floor map will be posted very soon.

734 Designs (signs and stickers) 1102
A Picture Show Film Company (film company) 303
Alex & Daryl’s Toy Connection (Action Figures, Toys & Collectibles) 208-210

Alma Con (anime convention) 1114
Anime Palace (Anime & Non Anime Toys, Models) 1011-1013
AP Collectibles (Toys, Action Figures, Statues) 1126-1128
Arcadia Comics (Comics, Action figures) 513
Art by David Lee Pancake (Artwork) 309
Aunt Martha’s Books (Comics, Toys, Books) 401-411
Background Noise Media (Original T-shirts, prints, buttons comics & books) 213
Basement Art Creations (Photography prints, art blocks, notecards) 919
Boutwell-Owens (printing services) 1008
Bowen Dragon (Swords, gaming, RPG books) 408-410
Cardz Xtcetera (Manga, Anime, Gaming, Steampunk/Cosplay) 1202
ChronoCode (electronic and board/card gaming) 203

Classic Horrors (original classic horror art, T-shirts) 1104
Collectors, The (Comic Book Frames and Displays) 1018
Collector’s Zone (comics) 506-514
Comic Book Shop of America (comics) 319-321
Comic City (Comics, Action figures, novelities, graphic novels) 412
Comic Wreck (Comics, Action figures) 101-115
comicconworld (Photos, Anime related figures and products) 1117
Crusader Hobbies (Comics, Collectibles, Sports Memorabilia) 1123
Curious Octopus (Handmade Clothing) 127
Dan’s Cards (Action Figures, Bobble Heads) 1107-1109
Deadmen Ink (Publisher with Batman Book) 1003
Dragonfly Trading Cove  1015

Dragonsong Forge (swords and knives) 312-314, 413
Dragon’s Den, The (Action Figures, Heroclix, PRG, Books & more) 1006
Eagle Anime (Anime/Manga and Accessories) 507-511
Epic Loot Funiture (Comic Book Storage, Gaming Tables, DM Cases) 206 (T-shirts, DVD, Comics, Toys, Buttons) 121

Flint Comix (comic news magazine) 1118

FunkyTown Toys (Action Figures) 1012

Gall Sewing (sewing machines and accessories) 513

Gaming Warehouse, The  (Board Games, Action Figures, MTG Cards) 209-211
Garza, Rudy (Comics, Manga, vintage Toys, Star Wars) 220-222
Geeks With Scissors (Skirts, Wallets, Tribbles) 1001
Geeky Endeavors (Jewelry chainmaille, steampunk) 1228
Gem City Books (graphic novels) 1119-1121
Gingee Girls (Hand Etched Glass and Ceramic Mugs) 308-310

Grand Raggidy Roller Girls (sports team) 1120

Grand Rapids Sci-Fi Readers Club (readers club) 1112
Greg’s Comics (Comics & Graphic Novels, Garbage Pail Kids Trading Cards) 104

Grid Factions (Table top board Games) 116

GVSU Comic Book Club (readers club) 1108
Happy Day Comics (Comics, prints, clothings) 219-211
Hell on Wheels (Games, Dice, Jewerly) 1020-1022 (anime) 114, 213
Honeck Sculpture (Bronze Fantasy Sculpture and Steam Punk) 323

JAFAX (anime convention ) 1116
Jeremy T Erdmann (Action Figures 2002-present) 502
Jukebox Imports (Anime, Jpop, Game Music) 205

Kalamazoo Ghostbusters (cosplay club) 1106
Kile’s Kollectibles (Vintage & Modern Action Figures) 214
Kitchen Sage (official charity of the Grand Rapids Comic-Con) 905
Langes Sports (comics) 102-201
Launch Your Universe  (Indy card game, self-pub book(s)/comics) 1101
Level Up Studios LLC  (T-Shirts, figures, plush, keychains, buttons, etc.) 1005-1007
Lydia’s Vintage (Handmade Steampunk Jewelry) 1027
Madame Marie’s Wicked Whimsy (Original Art prints, T-Shirts, Books, Sculptures) 415
Made By You (Custom made T-shirts, Hoodies, hats and decals) 903
Mask Masters (Shirts, Toys, Collectibles, Buttons) 901
Mattland Collectibles (Legos, Action Figures) 305-307
MB Custom Toys (Hand Painted Vynyl Figures) 316
Mick Buttell 314

Midwest Media Expo (popular arts convention) 1110
Mike’s Toys & Collectible (action figures) 1014-1016
Molon Labe Studios (Star Wars Replica Blaster Kits/Props) 1204-1206
Motor City Comics (Silver and Gold Comics) 106-110
My Little Craft Nook (Jewelry, accessories, crochet, action figures, comics) 1111
My Wife is Going to Kill Me (Comics, Action figures) 116-118, 215-217
Mystik Waboose (T Shirts, Lab Coats Buttons, Hats) 216-218
Off World Designs, Inc (T-shirts, Bags) 1017-1021
OtakUtopia (Anime DVD’s, videogames, wallscrolls, figures) 202-204
Patten Creations (Steampunk Clothing, Accessories, Props, Home Décor) 1002-1004
Protégé Game Studios, LLC (Video Game – Computer Development Courses) 915
Ravendark Creations (Sculptures, Prints, Watercolor Orginals, Resin Kits) 1124
Rivertown Entertainment (movie memorabilia, action figures) 123-125
Rookies (comics and gaming) 212
Secret Identity Comics (comic books) 117

Sinister Undertone (publisher) 1010
Spaced Out Acres (collectible toys) 302-306
Starship Cat (T shirts, collectibles, Asian Cultural goods) 404-406, 503-505
Studio Dwyer (Fleece Character hats, original artwork t-shirts, etched glass wear) 504
Sweets4aSweet (cosplayer/judge of cosplay contest) 1023
Tandy Leather Factory (Leather, Leather Kits, Hardware) 124
Tardy’s Collectors Corner, Inc (Comic – Books, Gold/Silver/Modern) 318 (T-shirts) 414
Tony Santiago Art (Superhero Fan Art) 917
Tracy Fable  (Author) 417
Trek Toys (Star Trek Toys & Collectibles) 301
Two Eagles Marcus (cosplay photographer) 224
Uncharted Territories (T-Shirts novelties and a prize every time game) 1125-1127

USS Sinclair (Star Trek cosplay group) 1122
W.L. Swarts Enterprises (Star Trek, LOTR Trading Cards/Plates) 1103-1105
War Pony Forge 913
Wargames North LLC (Board Games, Comics, Magic, Toys) 202
Weapon Direct 1113-1115
White Wolf Toys (Figures, Toys, Jewelry, Plushies) 315
With a Grain of Salt (Steampunk Jewelry, original art prints, t-shirts, buttons) 207
York, Ed (Action Figures and CCG’s) 119

You can download a map of the vending hall here: floor plan 11-15.