Unicorn Massacres

Artist Alley Booth B-3

Unicorn Massacres Designs is a 3D Printing and Digital Art couple from Akron, OH. Ryan works hard to model and 3D print, while Sarah hand paints the prints and works on the digital art portion of things. We offer hand-painted, home-modeled 3D printed jewelry, characters, props, and swords from video games, anime, and movies/TV. We do an LGBTQIA+ series of Pokémon, horror versions of Pokémon, Animal Crossing characters, Nintendo characters, props from various media including Panty and Stocking, MHA, Yu-Gi-Oh, Supernatural and more. Our digital art includes prints, waterproof stickers, bumper stickers, pins, and lanyards. We also have a new cryptid line which include cryptid pride flags, stickers and 3d prints! 20 different cryptids have been made to date. 

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