Ty Templeton

Booth 641

Ty Templeton has worked in the comics industry for thirty-five years as a comics publisher, editor, colorist, letterer, and a lifelong reader of these things. Ty also teaches others how to make their own comics, through his Comic Book Bootcamp. 

He’s worked on The Batman Adventures, SupermanSpider-ManMad MagazineThe Simpsons, The National Lampoon, Harvey Pekar’s American Splendor, the AvengersJustice League, and so many others. 


Saturday at 3:45 pm in Grand Gallery D

Anatomy 101 From an Artist’s Perspective

Drawing the human figure isn’t a talent, it’s a skill.  Thinking in three dimensions, and articulating an imagined figure are abilities that can be taught to anyone, and do NOT require some magical “something” that you must be born with. This lecture will reveal the tricks and secrets used by illustrators that allow them to draw people in all sorts of poses from many angles, without a model or a reference.  Bring a pencil and something to draw with, you’re going to want to try this for yourself while you’re there. No previous experience is required.