Trivia Challenge

Friday, November 12

Grand Gallery D

7:30-11:55 pm

Grab some of your nerdiest friends and come down to Friday night of Grand Rapids Comic Con to challenge your knowledge on your favorite fandoms in a friendly Nerd Trivia competition, hosted by Quizmaster Chris Goad. Candy, geeky gifts, and other swag will be up for grabs. Teams must consist of 1 to 4 people. Phones or any other outside help will not be allowed.


The first 30 minutes (7 to 7:30 PM) will be for team registration. During this period, there will be a few warm-up questions with small prizes, but nothing counting toward the main game. Late team registration will be allowed through the completion of Round 1.

How The Game Works

The structure of the game is as follows:
ROUND 1 – Multiple Choice Madness
5 multiple choice questions given
2 points for each correct answer
2 minutes for each question
ROUND 2 – Audio/Visual Action
5 questions with a visual or audio clue
4 points for each correct answer
3 minutes for each question
ROUND 3 – Arrangement Adventure
2 questions with 4 items to put in order
1 point for each properly placed item
1 bonus point for a perfect arrangement
3 minutes for each question
ROUND 4 – Fantastic Fandoms
2 more difficult short answer questions
Pick 2 questions from 8 fandoms
10 points for each correct answer
5 minutes for both questions
ROUND 5 – Wagering Wonder (Final Question)
One final short answer question where teams can wager 10 or more points of the total they accumulated in the first 4 rounds.
Please note that all ages are welcome, but the contest may feature some PG-13 content.

Quizmaster Bio

Quizmaster Chris Goad will be writing and hosting this event. He has been regularly writing and hosting Tuesday Night Trivia at Fulton Street Pub and Grill in Grand Rapids, MI for over two years. You can find his website here.