Tony Moy Arts

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Tony Moy is a mixed media comic and fantasy artist specializing in watercolor and gouache living in downtown Chicago. Tony was the primary artist for the series “The Mainstream” published by Zenescope.  Additionally, he has been published in books from the Batman / The Maxx (DC/IDW) Variant Covers, X-files comics (IDW), Dungeons and Dragons comics, Memory Collectors,  Tome I & II art anthology, Unlawful Good comic anthology Covers among other publications.   He is also the creator of a new watercolor webcomic called Chronicles of Yorn. In addition, Tony has over 10 years of teaching experience and currently teaches illustration and design at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago and is a brand ambassador for M. Graham watercolor paints. His inspiration comes from studying traditional and classic watercolorists combined with the modern influences of pop culture comics, anime and fantasy. 

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