Tony Kordos

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Tony Kordos is an accomplished professional inker and illustrator in the comic book industry.

He has worked for all the major companies including DC, Darkhorse, Marvel/Upper Deck, Image, Dynamite, IDW, Valiant and more. He has worked on Batman and Robin Eternal, Cyborg, Justice League, Predators, Marvel: Legendary, Eternal Descent, Rai, I make Boys Cry and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Tony has also been hired by Walt Disney World Imagineering to do work for some of their projects. For his work in the comic industry he has been nominated on multiple times for a prestigious Inkwell award which honors the best and upcoming inkers in the business. Tony in currently working on Outrage with Reilly Brown and Fabian Nicieza. He is illustrating an upcoming art book and is currently writing two stories to be produced. You can find Tony most days chained to his art desk.

instagram- Tonykordosinking