Todd Black

Booth C-3

My name is Todd Black and I am an Indie Comic Writer. I started out my writing career in college when I went to DePaul University in Chicago and graduated with a degree in Video Game Development (while specializing as a writer). After going to a C2E2 (Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo) event, I was inspired to start making comics. A few years I started my first series Guardians, and I haven’t stopped since.

Over the course of over 6 years I have written 30+ comics. Including 20 issues in my Guardians series, a mini-series called Home, a graphic novel called 10,000 Miles, a few short stories for some anthologies, and most recently, two new ongoing series via Seekers of Science and Tokyo Blade Detectives. I have made the use of Kickstarter to both make my comics and grow my fanbase, and I endeavor to keep making comics for as long as I have stories in my head.