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Nick DeCapria is an ex-bodybuilder turned Incredible Hulk for children with life threatening diseases and illnesses.

Nick started his bodybuilding career in 2011, as he started climbing he was hit with something he never expected: his two year old son Vhito was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer. Nicks bodybuilding career came to a screeching halt, as his main focus was his child. Nick focused the next six months on his sons health and care. On October 31, 2014 Nicks son finished Radiation treatment, it being Halloween the hospital told Vhito to dress up as anything he liked, he chose the Incredible Hulk and he asked Nick to dress up as the Incredible Hulk as well.

The day after Nick and his wife received numerous calls from the hospital’s Child Life and Social Work departments asking Nick to come visit sick children as they saw the impact he had the day before. At the time Nick declined, he had to focus on his own child who was sick. Nick kept the idea in the back of his mind, he knew someday he would be visiting children. In April of 2015, Nicks son Vhito was declared NED (no evidence of disease).

At that moment Nick was ready to jump right in and start visiting children. Since then, Nick has visited numerous Children’s Hospitals, Ronald McDonald Houses and is now visiting schools to discuss bullying, all while he is painted as the Incredible Hulk.

Nick is a believer of positive thinking and energy. He regularly appears at fundraisers for children and their families to help with medical and travel cost, and he is always an ear to any child who needs positive vibes and words.

Nick enjoys going to the gym, spending time with his family outdoors, travelling and making children smile.

Thebignickk’s Instagram page is here.


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