The Unremembered Realms

Artist Alley Booth C-1

Mick McArt
Author / Game Designer / 20 th Level Spice Master
The Unremembered Realms

Mick McArt is the Michigan author of the “Journal of an Outlaw” comedy fantasy book series, which has been growing in popularity and introduces its reader to the Unremembered Realms. Mick also creates multiple tabletop games bases on this series. This funny series also has a comedy music CD with multiple songs and live performances. Mick also has created a tasty line of fantasy spices that have become popular.
Mick is a full-time Multimedia Designer that is currently running his own multimedia company, Mick Art Productions. Thanks to massive support from fans, Mick has been able to grow the Unremembered Realms helping it to become one of Michigan’s top new forms of entertainment.