The Bad Wolf’s Burrow

Booth F-5

Born in Holland, Michigan, Alessandra came to Grand Rapids to pursue her Bachelors in Fine Arts
Illustration. Through her career thereof she learned many things; she is not a morning person and to
embrace her proclivity for creepy art.
She takes her inspirations from many places, none so powerful then the words and works of Neil
Gaiman. His sense of mysterious fantasy and underlying worlds played a key role in the development
of Alessandra’s art. She found his stories wonderful and they inspired her to work in the
fantasy/horror genre. Artists like Dave McKean and Lane smith have also had a hand in the
development of her style. The eerie dark style is reflected in her ink and marker illustrations.
Alessandra aspires to publish her own short story graphic novel and artist trading cards. She wants to
be the inspiration in someone’s life the way that those artists have been for her.


Alessandra Johnson | Illustrator