Superhero/Villain Media Guests

The following people portrayed major characters in superhero TV shows and movies. Click on each picture for their celebrity bios, schedule, and panel times:

Patrick Warburton
the lead in FOX-TV’s “The Tick” (2001)

Ross Marquand
Red Skull in the last two Avengers films

Jennifer Riker
Dr. Helga Jace in CW’s “Black Lightning”


Tony Todd
voice of Zoom in CW’s “The Flash”


Jason Marsden
voice of Kid Flesh in “Young Justice Outsiders”


Zeno Robinson
voice of Cyborg in “Young Justice Outsiders”


Zehra Fazal
voice of Halo in “Young Justice Outsiders”


Greg Weisman
“Young Justice Outsiders”, “Spectacular Spider-Man”


Shannon McCormick
voice of Shazam, Riddler in DC Universe Online


Tom Kane
voice of Magneto in “Wolverine and the X-Men”

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Friday at 2:00 pm on Main Stage

Tom Kane

Voice of Yoda, Am I!

Prolific voice actor Tom Kane discusses his many roles including his most iconic, the voice of Jedi master Yoda in “Star Wars: The Clone Wars”. Hear him talk, you will.

Saturday at 1:15 pm in Grand Gallery A-C


Young Justice Outsiders Discussion

Greg Weisman (producer), Zeno Robinson (voice of Cyborg), Zehra Fazal (voice of Halo), and Jason Marsden (voice of Kid Flash) and Christopher Jones (artist) discuss the DC Online series, its renewal for a fourth season, and a spoiler-free look at what is coming.

Saturday at 2:30 pm in Grand Gallery A-C

Jennifer Riker and Tony Isabella

Black Lightning Discussion

Tony Isabella (the creator of Black Lightning) and Jennifer Riker (Dr. Helga Jace) discuss the upcoming season of the CW show and what to expect for the new season.

Saturday at 3:30 pm on Main Stage

Patrick Warburton

It’s All Coming Together

Prolific voice and character actor Patrick Warburton discusses his many roles on TV and movies and where his career is headed next.

Sunday at 12:00 pm on Main Stage

Ross Marquand

Guarding Stones and Dodging Zombies

One of the stars from “The Walking Dead” and the Avengers movies discusses his career, where he is headed, and what is coming next.

Sunday at 1:15 pm on Main Stage

Tony Todd

That Distinctive Voice!

Tony’s deep, booming voice and dominating stature has placed him as the heavy in the Candyman and Final Destination films as well as a Klingon in the Star Trek franchise. Find out what makes him tick.