Stuart Sayger

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Stuart Sayger has produced covers for “G.I.Joe”, “Dejah Thoris”, “Jeepers Creepers”, “Vampirella” and is currently working on covers for”Kiss” (the Gene Simmons band) and “Bloodshot”.  Past comic book projects include:  “Walking Dead” , “X-Files”, “30-Days of Night”, “Xena Warrior Princess”, “Lego Bionicle”, “Micronauts” and “Rom”. Sayger has also produced art for the “Man of Steel” Superman movie as well as many other Warner Bros. Batman/ Superman/ Wonder Woman projects!


Friday, November 11

Grand Gallery A-C

Arthur Suydam, Vince Locke, and Stuart Sayger

4:00 pm

Horror In Comics

Join Arthur (Marvel Zombies), Vice (House By The Cemetery, Sandman), and Stuart Sayger (The Walking Dead, Vampirella) as they discuss the darker side of the comic world and how horror in comics has shaped the industry.

Sunday, November 13

Grand Gallery A-C

12:15 pm

John Giang, Stuart Sayger, and Jeremy Clark

The Art Of Being A Cover Artist

John, Stuart, and Jeremy discuss being a cover artist in the comic book profession, the importance of their first impression artwork, and the challenge of reflecting the story in the art without any spoilers.