Steve Orlando

Booth 536

Steve Orlando writes and produces comics, including VIRGIL (IGN’s best Graphic Novel of 2015), Undertow and stories in the Eisner Award Nominated Outlaw Territory at Image Comics. As well, he launched 2015’s Midnighter and 2016’s Midnighter and Apollo, both nominated for GLAAD awards, and took part in Justice League: Gods and MenBatman and Robin Eternal and most recently launched Supergirl, Batman / The Shadow, Shadow/BatmanJustice League of America and The Unexpected for DC Entertainment, as well as CRUDE for Skybound Entertainment and DEAD KINGS for Aftershock Entertainment.

Steve’s Instagram account is here and his Twitter feed is here.


Friday at 4:00 pm in Grand Gallery E-F

Joyce Chin and Friends

Breaking In and Staying In The Entertainment Industry

Joyce and the rest of the panelists discuss being “discovered” in mainstream entertainment, the importance of those first chances within the field, and how to stay relevant within your chosen love and profession. Joyce will be joined by Steve Orlando, Tony Isabella, and Agnes Garbowska.

Saturday at 11 am on the Main Stage

Being Scribes For The Batman (with James Tynion IV)

James (writer for Detective Comics and the Batman/TMNT crossover) and Steve (Batman: Shadow) discuss the challenges and pitfalls of writing such an iconic character as The Batman, placing him in different universes, and meeting the expectations of a rabid fan base.