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Source Point Press publishes books, comic books, and graphic novels. Working with both industry legends, and new talents on the rise, we strive to bring you the best storytelling in horror, sci-fi, pulp, true crime, the occult, and supernatural.

Source Point Press always has a lot of fantastic projects in the works! Please check out the news section of our site and also visit us at Like the page to stay up-to-date on new products, convention appearances, and even opportunities to submit your own projects for publication! You can also find us on twitter at and Instagram at


Saturday at 11:45 am in Grand Gallery A-C

Heather Antos, Dirk Manning, K. Lynn Smith, and Travis McIntire

Creating HOPE: Behind The Scenes With The Whole Team

For the first time ever, HOPE writer/co-creator Dirk Manning, artist/co-creator K. Lynn Smith, editor Heather Antos, and publisher Travis McIntire are all in the same room at the same time to talk about the process behind bringing HOPE — the hit comic about a mother who moonlights as a superhero — from inception to creation as the breakout hit comic from Source Point Press! Sure to be informative and entertaining, do not miss this first-time ever panel!

Sunday at 11:15 am in Grand Gallery Overlook B

Travis McIntire and Ken Johnson

The Endless Search For New Talent

Travis McIntire (Source Point Press) and Ken Johnson (Deadmen Ink) discuss the process of finding new talent to work on their books and what they are really looking for in new people to write and draw their titles. You may be surprised!