Special Needs

GR-Comic-con Text-Logo Color bannerThe event staff at the Grand Rapids Comic-Con is committed to creating an epic annual event for all of the fans out there. We want to make sure that every fan who attends, including ones that may have specific special needs, has an amazing and memorable time.

Disability Advocates

We are working closely with Disability Advocates Of Kent County to create a memorable experience for people who may have special needs. For more information click here.

Handicap Accessibility

Every room at the DeVos Place is handicap accessible; the anime room, family room, and some of the gaming and programming rooms are on the second level but all rooms are accessible with an elevator. There is ample handicap parking around the building that is clearly marked. The bathrooms all have handicap facilities.

Seating at Film Festival and Seminars

There will be space saved in each seminar room and the film festival for wheelchairs. This space is limited so make sure to get in line early. Although we will do everything possible to accommodate people with special needs, in order to be fair to everybody attending the event we will not provide early access to the vending hall or other events or the ability to skip lines. We will allow you to have other people to stand in your place in line. We also can not guarantee attendance to every seminar or autograph signings, although we will do our best to make sure you have the quality experience you deserve like everybody else.

Guide Dogs and Service Animals

Guide dogs and service animals are welcome at the Grand Rapids Comic-Con on the condition that they are leashed or appropriately controlled. It helps if your service animal is clearly marked with some kind of designation such as a “Paws With A Cause” vest or some type of equivalent but it is not required. The owner assumes full responsibility for the actions of his/her animal.

Paws With A Cause will be running some training animals through the Grand Rapids Comic-Con for final certification purposes. For more information on the services of Paws With A Cause you can find their website here.


Wheelchairs are kept in the First Aid office for emergency use only. AMR or Security will operate in the case of an emergency.  DeVos Place will have wheelchairs on site at all times for guests to use as needed. The DeVos Place security office will handle the distribution of all wheelchairs in conjunction with AMR and the Event Services staff. All users will be required to sign a wheelchair release form at time of check out.

Family/Quiet Room

We will have a good-sized space available for families who need to have their children escape the noise of the show and for people who have sensory issues to decompress. This will be located at Grand Gallery Overlook G.

ASL Interpreters

There will be an ASL interpreter at all events on the Main Stage, Grand Gallery A-C, and Monroe Rooms during normal hours signing for the deaf and hard of hearing. The ASL interpreter will be projected on Main Stage screens for easier viewing.

Large Print Programs

Copies of the program in large print will be available for those who need them. They will be located at the information desk in the main floor concourse at no charge.


All staff at the Grand Rapids Comic-Con will be clearly marked with a badge around their necks and wearing a black golf shirt. If you have any questions or special needs please feel free to ask.


If you have any questions, concerns, or comments please feel free to write co-owner Mark Hodges at mark@grcomiccon.com.