Speakers and Moderators

Allen Stewart: Allen Stewart is the curator of The Hall of Heroes Super Hero Museum in Elkhart, Indiana. Hall of Heroes is the only Comic Book and Super Hero Museum in the country. Hall of Heroes covers the 75+ year history of Super Heroes in Comics, Toys, Film and Animation. The Museum displays over 60,000 comics from the Golden Age Era to present including every Marvel Comic and a complete collection of all Super Hero Comics from 1956-present. Allen has also appeared on several television shows including “The Toy Hunter” series from The Travel Channel this past spring, “Stan Lee’s Super Fans” series in 2012, and the F/X “Collectible Show” in 1995. In addition, he was also one of the five finalists to play Robin in Batman Forever before losing the role to actor Chris O Donnell. Allen will be handling panels on comic characters and publications.

Roger Scholz: Roger is a local artist and horror movie aficionado who currently is instrumental in Frankenfest, a celebration of all things Frankenstein and Universal Monsters. Roger is also an accomplished artist who has designed the Grand Rapids Comic-Con badges in the past as well as the logo for our Frankenstein museum back in 2019. Roger will be handling our horror panels.

Joel Paauwe: Joel is the voice of the “LMB Pre-Game Show” for Grand Valley State University football and their marching band. Joel also is the host of “Sequel Men”, a podcast that centers attention on nerd culture and movie sequels, and hosts a trivia night at Bob’s Sports Bar in Grand Rapids.

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