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Adam O. aka Somethingelseyt is a Youtube animator/ personality who makes videos talking about personal funny life stories he had, thoughts on certain subjects, or just random stuff he wants to talk about.

He has accumulated over 1.1 million subscribers within the year and is still growing at a pretty rabid rate.

You can find SomeThingElseYT’s YouTube page here.


Saturday at 9:00 pm in Monroe Room

TheOdd1sOut and SomeThingElseYT

Ask The Guys Anything

TheOdd1sOut and SomeThingElseYT discuss their unique career in the world of YouTube,  how they choose the unique topics in which to discuss on their channel, and how they make them interesting. Who knows, maybe they will even discuss Soooobway! They will also take questions from the audience.

Sunday at 12:15 pm in Monroe Room

TheOdd1sOut and SomeThingElseYT

Making a Living on YouTube.

The guys discuss their unique career choices by making a living on YouTube making videos about life in general. They discuss the pros and cons of such a career choice, the pitfalls that this career can bring, the evils of demonetization, and what they feel their futures hold.

Signing Schedule

Friday from 4-6 pm

Saturday from 11 am-1 pm

Saturday from 3-5 pm

Sunday from 10:30 am-noon

Sunday form 2 pm-3 pm