Artist Alley Booth E-5

My Name is Silas Sanchez and I have been drawing my whole life. I grew up loving comics, anime, video games etc. I was very inspired by my father to draw and started to take art seriously. I have been drawing all sorts of things trying to improve myself as an artist to one day get a job in the art field. I take a lot of inspiration from anime and comics and try to put my spin on these characters and shows I love. With every piece I want to make it feel like the character but with my unique style showing through. I came up with the name Silo Draw using my nickname Silo and obviously I like to draw (duh). Nowadays I am working hard on trying to improve my art and grow more and more everyday. I hope you enjoy the art and the quick story and if you need any advice or want to know anything about how I draw or anything art related please ask.

You can follow me at Silodraw on twitter and Instagram or on Facebook at silodraw56. I also have a Youtube channel where I stream my drawing, the channel is Silodraw.
Thank you everyone for supporting me!!!