Shoujo Havoc

Artist Alley Booth A-3

Havoc is a passionate, mystical, and whimsical being who spends most of her time crying over her favorite characters and eating a variety of noodles. Studying art from a young age, Havoc has always dreamed of being a real magical girl where imagination can be reality. Like all magical girls, she wants to help you achieve this as well. Using a combination of magical girl and handsome men, Havoc wishes to bring your favorite characters and aesthetics to your con-going experiences.
She sells prints, buttons, stickers, bags, charms, notebooks, zines and more! She’s shown in several galleries and local venues, participated in multiple collaborative zines and tabled at a variety of conventions across the country. She wants to geek out with you, so come say hi.

You can find Havoc’s work in a number of places!

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