Shawn Coss

Booth 641

Shawn Coss is an Ohio based Artist best known for his work on the Cyanide and Happiness show and upcoming point and click adventure game, Freakpocalypse.

Shawn is also the creator of the widely popular and infamous Inktober Illness series that focuses on raising awareness on mental health and ending the stigma surrounding it.

With his dark art street wear clothing line, Any Means Necessary, he helps raise money and awareness for the research and treatment of mental health. If that doesn’t keep him busy enough, he also has worked with Stephen King’s film adaptation of Cell featuring John Cusack, and various bands like Seether , Sadistik, Cage, and In This Moment.


Saturday at 1:30pm in the Monroe Room

Art and Advertising : Learning how to market the artist on social media

Hang out with Shawn Coss of Any Means Necessary and formerly of Cyanide and Happiness as he explains the ins and outs of learning how to advertise on Facebook and Instagram. His insight comes directly from working with Facebook marketing and understanding the new changes to ads post Apple ios 14 updates.