Science Fiction

The Grand Rapids Comic-Con is pleased that we will be hosting one of the actors who actually wore and performed in the Gojira suits in a total of five Godzilla films from Toho Studios in Japan. This is an ultra rare opportunity to actually meet Tsutomu Kitagawa and Mizuho Yoshida, two of the guys in the costumes behind Japan’s largest pop culture export and get an autograph. Also make sure to attend a must-see panel from Sonoe Nakajima on her father Haruo Nakajima. For more information click here.

We have a plethora of all things Star Wars at the Grand Rapids Comic-Con. For a complete list start here.

Chad Rook plays Boyle, one of the human soldiers fighting with Woody Harrelson in humanity’s last stand in War For The Planet Of The Apes, one of the very best reviewed films of this summer. Chad also performed as Karl on NBC’s “Timeless” and as the Weather Wizard in CW’s “The Flash”. Make sure to meet Chad and get an autograph from one of sci-fi’s rising young stars! For more info on Chad click here.

Shore leave for the Federation always happens at the Grand Rapids Comic-Con. For a list of happenings in the Star Trek universe at the show click here.

In addition to playing Hercules on television in “Herclues: The Legendary Journeys” and “Xena: Warrior Princess”, Kevin Sorbo also played Captain Dylan Hunt in the long-running syndicated sci-fi show “Andromeda” and swung a sword with a blind fury as the lead in the fantasy film Kull The Conqueror. Make sure to take the time to meet Kevin and get an autograph from a true sci-fi hero! For more info on Kevin’s appearance click here.

The Royal Manticoran Navy will be in attendance in celebration of the Honor Harrington Series of books written by David Weber. For more information on the group and how to enter the Honorverse click here.

Lucie Pohl is best known for being the voice of the popular character Mercy from the Overwatch video game franchise, but she also is currently performing as Harmony in the new season of the British sci-fi cult series “Red Dwarf”. Lucie also had roles in Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them and the indie horror films Magi and Psychophonia. Make sure to meet her at the Grand Rapids Comic-Con. Find Lucie’s page here.