Friday, August 13

Main Stage

2:00 pm

Kellen Goff

Being Funtime Freddy

Kellen Gof discusses having the lead role in one of the most popular horror games of all time and how his career has been directed ever since. Kellen will also discuss the implications of “Five Nights At Freddy’s” and how it has changed the video gaming landscape.

4:30 pm


You Want To Be A Full Time YouTuber?

Panel Description: So you want to make YouTube your full time job? My name is David, also known as unCAGEDgamez online. I have been creating content online for the past several years and yes I’m a full time YouTuber. In this panel I discuss and answer all the questions you might have about making YouTube your full time job.

5:45 pm

Jim Winburn

Five Decades Of Speed And Danger

From performing stunts on classics such as The Poseidon Adventure, Pale Rider and The Towering Inferno to being the driver of K.I.T.T. on “Knight Rider”, Jim Winburn’s stuntman history is rich and diverse. Listen as Jim discusses five decades in the field and what it takes to make a career in Hollywood by taking the bumps and bruises for the names in lights.

Walker Ballroom

2:15 pm

Bob Wiacek

My Career in Comics

From Superman to Uncanny X-men, Star Wars to Incredible Hulk – a storied history of my Marvel and DC Comics experience

3:30 pm

Allen Stewart

Comics In World War II

If the truth be told, during WWII more American GI’s were reading comic books than the children at the home front. Allen Stewart of the Hall Of Heroes Super Hero Museum will reveal some of the most interesting and historical aspects that happened during this time and how comics contributed to the war effort against the Axis powers.

4:45 pm

Bebe Alkaid Cosplay

Cosplay 101

Curious about the world of cosplay and how to be one of those cool people in an amazing outfit? Questions about how to pick the correct wig, where to find accessories, how to create basic armor? Join Bebe Alkaid for some basics on the cosplay world.

Downstairs Bar

1:00 pm


The Adventures Of The USS Grand Petoskey

For over four decades, Starfleet has provided Star Trek fans a way to make friends with similar interests, have fun, give back to their communities, and show that the dream of Gene Roddenberry can “live long and prosper”. On the local level, members of the USS Grand Petoskey can gather with other fans for a variety of activities. This panel will show you how to join in the fun.

2:00 pm

Ken Johnson

The History of Toonami: The TV Block That Changed the World

How do you discuss the vast variety of shows Toonami aired over the years in just one panel? Well, we’re going to find out! Follow me as I try to talk about every single show Toonami aired in just one panel and drown alongside me in a sea of nostalgia, superhero action, 90’s anime, and some really good shows you may have missed!

3:15 pm

Dan Monroe:

How to (Maybe Not) Talk to an Artist!

A humorous discussion of how to talk to an artist, and more importantly, perhaps, how not to talk to an artist!  Dan draws upon his own personal experiences over the past forty years of being a professional artist, and lends a witty slant to many awkward conversations which have been had over the years.

4:30 pm

Scott Rosema

Getting Into the Comic Book/Fantasy Art Business: Stories from the Frontline

Learn some of the techniques and approaches Scott used during his 42 years of doing professional art to get work and build a career in the comics and illustration industry. Some drawing will be done and LOTS of fun stories and answers to your questions!

5:45 pm

William Messner-Loebs

Building A Time Machine

How to use Historical Research and your own experiences to create an historical series, a novel or a biography. Choosing the subject, finding a point of view and letting yourself go back in time, whether the 1960’s, The 1810’s, World War II, the Wild West or the time of the Greek Philosophers. Use your sources, don’t let them control you! Let Bartlett’s be your friend. By the World’s Oldest Living Cartoonist.

7:00 pm

Eric Anderson

Stargate Trivia 

Do you know Stargate SG-1 inside and out? Come for some trivia! We will use the Kahoot app which is easy to use and free to download.

Saturday, August 14

Main Stage

10:30 am

Paris Cullins

History of DC Comics

Paris Cullins talks on working with DC Comics, his experience, Blue Devil, Blue Beetle and Batman, and more!

11:45 am

Walter Jones

Go Go Power Rangers!

It’s Morphin Time! The original Black ranger from the hit children’s action adventure franchise discusses his role in the show. Walter will also take questions from fans, and we may have a surprise in regards to one of Walter’s other interests.

1:00 pm

Dickey Beer and John Morton

Wearing The Boba Fett Armor

Dickey Beer and John Morton both played Boba Fett is the original Star Wars trilogy. Both will discuss playing the iconic Mandalorian as well as the character’s contribution to the Star Wars canon.

2:15 pm

Peter J. Tomasi

Q/A with Peter Tomasi

Peter J. Tomasi is one of the most prolific writers in the DC Comics universe, including stabs at Detective Comics, Catwoman, and Superman among his own creation the Super Sons. Peter will discuss his career and take questions from the audience.

3:30 pm

Leah Clark, E. Jason Liebrecht, and Kellen Goff

My Hero Academia Villains Panel

Leah Clark (Himiko Toga), E. Jason Liebrecht (Dabi), and Kellen Goff (Overhaul) discuss being the bad guys in the popular anime series and what is next. Expect some fun stories about what goes on behind the scenes and a few surprises.

5:00 pm

Costume Contest

Check out all of the homemade costumes from fans at the show and see them compete to win cash and those enviable trophies for the mantle.

Walker Ballroom

11:15 am

Mindy McGinnis

The Process Of My New Book

Mindy McGinnis will talk about her newest release, The Initial Insult, and how it draws inspiration from both Poe short stories and the author’s real life. Also covered: the creative process, where ideas come from, exploring darkness in YA literature, and why Mindy’s mom wishes she would just write a nice picture book about a cat someday.

12:45 pm

Film Festival

Check out a plethora of short films from students and independent filmmakers from all over the world.

3:15 pm

Randy Zimmerman and Varian Grant

Independent Publishing and Distribution Is An Art Form

Randy Zimmerman (owner of Arrow Comics) and Varian Grant (Liberty Distribution Service) are two grizzled veterans of the independent comic book scene, and they discuss the world of being your own boss and publishing your own dream materials. They will also discuss some of the less creative ends of self-publishing, such as crowdfunding, marketing, promotion, and fulfillment.

4:30 pm

Allen Stewart

Comic Books And The Cold War: A Retrospective

If you love comic book history then you don’t want to miss this exciting and informative panel by Allen Stewart, executive director of the Hall Of Heroes Super Hero Museum. We will start at the end of WWII and discover comic book secrets such as the following: how a Superman comic book almost revealed the secret of the Atomic Bomb; how the superheroes and comic books almost ceased to exist due to a lone child psychiatrist’s book “Seduction Of The Innocent”; how the Cold war was being fought during both the Silver Age and Bronze Age era of comics; and how many early Marvel villains were indeed Communists. We’ll also discover Wonder Woman’s goofiest villain Egg Fu and what if Superman landed in Russia instead of the United States.

Downstairs Bar

10:30 am

The Finest

Recruitment In The Fight Against COBRA

The Finest is a GI Joe costume organization that has chapters all over the country. The Finest is making major headway in their Michigan mission to neutralize COBRA once and for all, and at this panel you can learn how to join the cause. Yo, Joe!

11:30 am

Great Lakes Ghostbusters Coalition

We Want You!

Got ghosts? Find out more about your local chapter of the Ghostbusters, what kind of activities do they participate, and how you can get involved. Who ya gonna call?

12:30 pm

Comfort and Adam

Let’s Structure a Story!

So, you have an idea for a story—what do you do next? How do you start, and how do you figure out where to go? Story structure isn’t just understanding how stories work, it’s also a way to understand how to make your story work for you! Break out of writer’s block and build yourself a map to the finish-line with award-nominated comic creators Comfort and Adam as they show how story structure works and then structure out a new story based on audience suggestions live on-stage!

1:45 pm

Dan Monroe

A Captain Wallace Artsy Adventure!

Ahoy, young mateys! Join Michigan’s own digital pirate, Captain Wallace and crew for an artsy pirate-y adventure!  Group participation will be encouraged as the good Captain recalls an adventure and invites us all to head into an artsy adventure!  Family fun for everyone!

3:00 pm

Matt Feazell

How To Make A Minicomic

An all-ages workshop that reveals the secrets of how to make an 8-page book out of one sheet of paper AND a simple method of telling a comic book story to fill those pages. All materials are provided. An interest in cartooning and a willingness to draw is all that is required.

4:15 pm

Joseph Lalonde

Reel Leadership: Discovering Leadership Through Film

You rarely hear about the intersection of business leadership and entertainment. This is changing with Reel Leadership. In this panel, Joseph Lalonde will present multiple leadership lessons you will find in modern movies such as Spider-Man, X-Men, Justice League, and more. A Q&A will also happen for those with questions.

Sunday, August 15

Main Stage

10:30 am

Alex Simmons

Batman and Archie Across the Ages

Alex Simmons talks about writing Batman and Archie for the old and new generations. 

11:45 am

Caitlin Glass and E. Jason Liebrecht

Dragon Ball Is Just Super!

Caitlin Glass (Vados) and Jason Liebrecht (Champa) discuss the long running series, their characters’ relationship in Dragon Ball Super, and what this incantation has to offer to the franchise as a whole.

1:00 pm

Jim Winburn

Behind The Mask Of Michael Myers

Back in 1977, stuntman Jim Winburn took a job on an indie film set doing a few stunts. That role Jim played was Michael Myers in the film Halloween (1978), now considered a horror classic and a true trailblazer in the genre. Jim discusses playing one of the best known psychopaths in movie history and how the role changed his life.

2:30 pm

Kids Costume Contest

Come watch all the kids at the show strut their costumes for your approval and the obligatory “oohs” and “aahs”. One will win a “best of show” prize!

Walker Ballroom

11:15 am

Jim C. Hines

Escapism and a Dash of Humor

When I was starting out as a writer, I wanted to write serious stories. Deep, literary, metaphor-heavy prose that left readers shaken. I wanted to write important fiction. Over time, I realized the stories I wanted to tell were the ones reviewers might dismiss as bubblegum fantasy. Escapist stories about nearsighted goblins and fairytale princess assassins and space janitors. I also came to learn that these stories were just as important. We need escape. There’s a place for the dark and gritty, but we need fantasy and hope and wonder and humor. We’ll talk about the importance of “lighter” stories, the power of humor, and our shameless love for the bubblegum and popcorn genre. These stories probably won’t win any major awards, but they can still change lives.

12:30 pm

Bebe Alkaid Cosplay

Intermediate Foam Sculpting

Bebe Alkaid has been featured in numerous photoshoots and a few magazine covers centering on her skill with adapting foam into fantastic armor, and she teaches a few tricks of the trade to more seasoned cosplayers. Something for everyone to learn a thing or two including techniques, tools, ways to make your cosplays look and feel better and some simple light or special effects installation. And also maybe touch on a few advanced techniques to boot.

1:45 pm

Allen Stewart

Appraising Your Collection

The curator of the HALL Of Heroes Super Hero Museum and a professional appraiser for the History Channel’s “American Pickers” will step through the appraisal of rare and unique collectibles, what they are worth, and what one should be looking for when adding to a collection that is more of an investment.

3:00 pm

  1. K. Lynn Smith and Allison Spooner

Tick, Tick, Boom!: Creating the story, characters, and endings that make a story explode

Whether it’s long form, short form, SUPER short form, comics or novels, how do you create stories that grab attention, hold attention and keep readers coming back for more?

Downstairs Bar

10:00 am

Indie Volt radio

The Breakfast Buzz

Join in and participate in an international podcast listened to by over 80,000 people. Randy Zimmerman and Varian Grant host some interviews, field some questions, and have a few surprises in store.

12:30 pm

501st Legion Of Stormtroopers/Rebel Legion

What is the 501st?

Join The Empire and support our troops! Have you ever seen those people dressed in those amazing Star Wars outfits and wanted to join them? Here is your opportunity to learn more about the charity costume troupe and learn what they are all about.

1:30 pm

Ken Johnson

DND 101

Dungeons and Dragons is erupting in popularity every single year. often, you run into people in the exact same position “I would love to get into DND, but I don’t have a clue where to start” or “this looks really complicated”. that’s what this panel is for! I am a seasoned player and Dungeon master of DND and want to help anyone on the fence to take the plunge. Learn basic rules, how to make a character sheet, and join us as we create a new character together at the panel!

2:45 pm

Comfort and Adam

How to Stay Motivated

We all have dreams we’re chasing and stories we long to tell, but it can be hard to keep yourself going through the tough times. Award-nominated husband and wife duo Comfort and Adam have had to find ways to stay strong during some dark days– join them in discussing how to keep your heart full and head high and how to keep yourself working no matter what!