Ryan Cummins

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My name is Ryan Cummins, I am a Michigan-based comic creator, and writer. A lifelong comic book, sci-fi and fantasy fanatic, I have been creating my own characters and stories since elementary school. Now it’s time to share them with the world. RUMBLE KINGS is my first comic books series and is a love letter to everything I loved about comics and movies growing up. I also founded my first comic imprint, the artist collective SKELETAL PRESS, and with my partner Talon Bray, we will be bringing you RUMBLE KINGS.

RUMBLE KINGS #1 was created and launched on Kickstarter in summer 2018 and was a big success. We more than doubled our funding goal and have continued to build our fanbase both locally and globally. You can find RUMBLE KINGS #1 through our social media pages, online through Amazon and Comixology and in several comic book stores throughout Michigan.

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