Randy Zimmerman

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Randy Zimmerman is always accepting commissions. For more information contact him at randyjzimm@gmail.com. 

RANDY ZIMMERMAN has been working in comics, in one way or another, for most of his life. An award winning commercial and graphic artist, Randy began his professional comics career with the publication Tales From The Aniverse for Arrow Comics. After that he spent decades in the alternative and independent comics market, freelancing and self-publishing, creating such properties as War Of The Worlds: Infestation, The Fool, Spank the Monkey and The Unforgiven.

After that Randy spent a decade producing and publishing Flint Comix & Entertainment, a comics newspaper in his home town of Flint Michigan.

Randy is currently publishing under the Arrow Comics banner once again producing such titles as Hero Bot Zero, Calico Of Shard, and Paragon.

Randy is also an active member of the Ragin2 YouTube channel that podcasts hosting The ZimmCast at 8pm est on Wednesdays and The Sunday Funnies at 9am est Sundays. Randy is currently working on a book about his experiences with Covid and dying on the respirator twice (It’ll be a funny book).

You can find the Ragin2 YouTube page here. Randy’s Facebook page is here. Arrow Comics has a Linktree list here of all their social media contacts.


Saturday, November 12

Grand Gallery D

11:00 am

Randy Zimmerman

How To Draw Mickey Mouse and SpongeBob Squarepants

Comic professional Randy Zimmerman takes the time to teach our youngest fans how to draw Mickey Mouse and SpongeBob Squarepants. Bring you drawing supplies with you!