Puppet Me This

Artist Alley Booth C-2

I began building puppets professionally in 2016. A dear friend encouraged me to attend the Beyond The Sock (BTS) workshop in Denton, Texas when I lamented that I couldn’t go. I was diligently working on getting out of debt and thought the money that would be spent on BTS should go towards paying off the last of my student loans. But, alas, I went and I thank my dear friend to this day for encouraging me. Now she teases me and says I’m “puppet nerding” every time I’m working on a build. I attended BTS every
year through 2019.
I have since taken puppet patterning classes and now able to create anything in puppet form. I recently finished a custom build for an artist that frequents comic cons and fan expos. And I am about to build a character for an author I recently met at the QuadCon in Omaha, Nebraska. Both custom builds were generated from a comic con or fan expo. It’s the gushing joy my puppets bring everyone who approach my table that always keeps me smiling. So worth it.