Psychoblab Studios

Booth A-1

Jesse J. Miles aka “MiLo”, is a Grand Rapids, Michigan based artist specializing in underground,
self published comics. He has been the publisher/editor in-chief of Psychoblab Comix for over
20 years since its inception. More recently, he has been the artistic production designer for the
West Michigan based space rock band UTO. Milo’s art is generally presented in stark, black and
white contrast, focused on sci-fi/post apocalyptic themes.

In 2018, Milo was commissioned as lead artist for promoting the Official Grand Rapids Comic-
Con After Party hosted by The Garage Bar and Local 741. And, in 2019, with the launch of
Psychoblab Studios, Milo’s newest focus has been to rise from the underground art scene and
prove that he can be a driving force in mainstream comics.