Phil Stone

Booth B-1

Phil Stone was given up by the wolves and raised by his parents. He was born in the 70’s, raised in the 80’s, went into hiding in the 90’s, and is still trying to figure out the 2000’s. His art is fueled by coffee, cigarettes, Pabst Blue Ribbon, and night terrors. Over the years, Phil Stone has the incredible opportunity to work with some wonderful people, some are listed below, some would rather not be mentioned.

Wizards of the Coast – HASBRO – Legendary Games – Total Party Kill Games – Bloat Games – Pelgrane Press – Kobold Press – Dark Wizard Games – – End Transmission Games – LORE rpg. – Legion rpg. – PRPL Heart Skateboards – Modern Skate and Surf Skateboards – Character skateboards – F.I.D. Clothing – Frog God Games – Wizco Games.

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