Peter Behn

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Peter Behn was born on 24 October 1934 in Prescott, Arizona to Harry Behn (1889-1973), a screenwriter and children”s author, and his wife Alice Behn (née Lawrence, 1905-1989).

He is best known for providing the voice of the young Thumper in the film Bambi. His family lived in Arizona and Greenwich, Connecticut. After graduating, he went onto attend Yale University and serve two years in the United States Army.

Though a small role, the character Thumper and the movie Bambi are cultural icons, giving Behn immortality among Disney fans of all generations. Behn appeared in a documentary about the making of Bambi in 1994.

He was 4 years old when he voiced the role. As an adult, Behn moved to Warren, Vermont in 1964, where he worked as a real estate broker.

Behn retired to Park City, Utah in 1997, where he lives in a passive solar home.


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Saturday, November 12

Grand Gallery A-C

4:15 pm

Bambi Movie Screening

Before the 80th anniversary screening of Bambi we will show the classic Disney film for fans and newbies alike.

5:45 pm

Everyone’s Favorite Forest Friends: A Bambi Panel

80 years have passed since Bambi was released in theaters, but join the voice of young Thumper, Peter Behn,  and the voice of young Bambi, Donnie Dunagan, as they speak about the beloved Disney classic today.