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Out Of Time Studios founder Jack Gonzalez

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Jack Gonzalez was born in Hayward, California to his immigrant parents, but moved to Mexico until the age of 6, when they decided to return back to the states, in hopes of a better life.  Raised on Southeast side of Chicago, his love for art flourished throughout grade school and into high school, but the thought of pursuing art as a career didn’t happen by choice. It wasn’t until he was discharged from the military, due to a nerve disease, that he decided to give creating his own comics a chance. Using art as a way to cope with his release from the military “Out of Time Studios” was created in 2013. Jack, along with his wife who is behind the creation of the plush version of his characters, have traveled from coast to coast promoting their work and growing an audience.

His first self-published title “Pins and Needles” is now near its first story arch, in issue #5, which will be released later this year. The story centers on three ragdoll characters who have discovered that they were created by Satan’s daughter and are now trapped in a purgatory-type land, hunted by creatures bent on eating and absorbing the power they hold inside. His second title released was a full length graphic novel called “Last Unicorn.” Due to a very successful Kickstarter, Last Unicorn, was able to be published as a hardcover, 116 page full-colored book. The second installment to that series will be out in the fall of 2017 but you can read parts of the new story on the Last Unicorn Tapastic page.