Operation: UGAWTS

Artist Alley Booth A-8

Operation: UGAWTS or Operation: Using Games, Art, and Writing to Tell Stories is a solo multi-media project recording experiences, likes and dislikes, and the imagination through creative medium. Almost every creation is meant to tell a story, and that is not bounded by the medium or subject matter. With a background in mechanical engineering and animation, Maiyal specializes in character design. Many of their original characters may have a tinkerer’s mentality or be robotic in design.
Despite being influenced by anime and manga and all things cute, Maiyal also shares creations with a dash of comedy, a sprinkle of darkness, or a splash of horror. With many projects on the docket, they are more than eager to talk about their characters and their worlds to anyone who will listen! Of course, if you share a fandom with them, be prepared for some fangirling. Take home a button, sticker, or keychain or decorate your walls and desks with prints of their work!

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