photo/Jacky Petters

West Michigan Convention Ventures LLC is currently looking for a few people to help us with the organization and operation of our annual event, the Grand Rapids Comic-Con, in a staff position capacity. These positions do their work primarily the weekend of event although some will have prep work ahead of event. This is a unique opportunity to be involved with one of the largest events in West Michigan, and unlike a lot of conventions it pays too!

Basic desirable traits for each applicant will include the following although we will consider people that may not meet all these requirements:

  1. Be at least 18 years old: More of a legal thing than anything else.
  2. College degree preferred: Type of degree does not matter, but event management, hospitality, travel and tourism management, or any form of business management is desirable.
  3. Have experience in event management: Our staff has worked in management and operation of all kinds of events, including Festival of the Arts, Juice Ball, Youmacon, Motor City Comic Con, renaissance festivals, many theatrical plays and musicals, West Michigan Women’s Expo, and numerous other conventions and trade shows, as well as regular concert locations such as The Intersection, The Ice Pick, and the Common Ground Music Festival. Experience in event operations or past internships in event management is very desirable on any level.

photo/Jacky Petters

To apply for each position listed below please send the following to

  • A resume or Curriculum Vitae in a Word doc or .pdf format.
  • A list of references in a Word doc or .pdf format
  • A list of events one has worked with along with references associated with event in a Word doc or .pdf format
  • Willingness to sign a contract and a non-disclosure agreement with West Michigan Convention Ventures LLC if contracted
  • Willingness to go through a drug screen, criminal background check, and general background check if requested

Person applying must have own cell phone, transportation, and internet access. No mailed resumes will be accepted. Must be able to verify that you are legally able to work within the United States. We are an equal opportunity employer, and West Michigan Convention Ventures LLC does not discriminate against any employee or contracted service on the basis of race, creed, age, handicap, sex, religious affiliation, national origin, or sexual orientation.

photo/William Christopher Burgess

In addition to attending the actual event at a schedule to be determined, all interns would also have to attend a final planning meeting just before each event, and other meeting(s) as planned by their direct supervisor.

If you are interviewed, the first interview will be with Event Director Mark Hodges and the second will be with the coordinator in which you will work directly under if contracted. First interviews will be held in Grandville, while the second will be held in a  location of the coordinator’s choosing.

We will also provide parking passes for the weekend of the event and a food and gas stipend of some sort which is yet to be determined. Hotel accommodations will be provided based on need.

Applications will be accepted until 5:00 pm on January 25.

Event Manager

REPORTS TO: Event Coordinator


  1. To work with Event Coordinator on all aspects of event management for the event.
  2. To work with the Event Coordinator on the set-up of the event.
  3. To coordinate with the Event Coordinator on all planning for staffing needs and to make sure they are implemented with the staffing department.
  4. To provide any needs that line control may require and to supervise the implementation of those needs.
  5. To gather all equipment used by department and make sure that it makes it to the truck upon departure on Sunday.
  6. To complete any tasks assigned by the Event Coordinator and Event Director that fall within the walls of department.

PAY: $1000 payable after the November event and $500 after the “Spring Fling” event

ATTENDANCE POLICY: Attends mandatory “Spring Fling” meeting before event. Must be available April 8-11. Attends mandatory November 7 meeting plus a few meetings with Event Coordinator. Must be available dates of November 11-14. Pay will include a food and gas stipend depending on need. Will provide accommodations if a place to sleep is needed.

Assistant Programming Manager II

REPORTS TO: Programming Coordinator
1.        To supervise a bank of programming rooms on second shift
2.        To handle any tech issues that may arise.
3.        Make sure there are specific supplies within room for certain guests
4.        To empty and fill room
5.        To assure that guests arrive at panel rooms in a timely manner.
6.        To complete any tasks assigned by the Programming Coordinator, Event Director, or Event Coordinator that fall within the walls of assigned department.
PAY: $300 payable for the November event.
ATTENDANCE POLICY: Attends mandatory November 7 meeting plus a meeting or two with Programming Coordinator. Must be available dates of November 11-14. Pay will include a food and gas stipend depending on need. Will provide accommodations tif a place to sleep is needed.