Natalie Vaia

Natalie Vaia (Seeker of Light) is a self taught cosplayer, seamstress, and designer based out of Pittsburgh, PA.

Natalie has made over 100 personal cosplays with skills mainly based in sewing and foam-work. Her work has been published in multiple magazines and has won multiple awards. Natalie made her first cosplay in 6th grade and has never stopped creating.

She started her journey towards a professional career in 2016 at 18 years old when she opened her Etsy shop to sell custom cosplay pieces, which she now runs full time. Natalie has prior experience with stage performance and character entertainment as she worked for two Princess Companies in NW Ohio.

Natalie has been featured in many magazines on the subject of cosplay, including Creative Cosplay, Cosplay Alliance, 6X, and Myssfit. She was the cover model for

She currently is involved with the “Pittsburgh Avengers” where she continues character entertainment for charity.

Her website is here, her Instagram is here, her Facebook is here, and her YouTube page is here.