Nolan Nasser

Booth 532

Nolan Nasser, is the founder and CEO of Deep Water Games, and N3 Art. He is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for creating worlds, telling stories, and building just about anything. Gaming has been a large part of his life since he can remember and it inspired a love for art.

Despite studying web design in college to “get a job” he ended up teaching himself how to digitally paint and set out as a freelance illustrator. Eventually turning that into his own personal art company. Craving more, he turned his sights to publishing and with the help of his business partners started Deep Water Games, a board game publishing company. Now he spends his days running and operating both N3 Art and Deep Water Games.

With board games shaping his life, he made it his mission to give the same opportunities he got to other aspiring designers, and bring people together the way gaming did for him.  

Deep Water Gaming can be found online here and N3 Art is here.