Morgan Lofting

Morgan Lofting is best known for giving voice to Cobra’s chief intelligence officer: The beautiful and deadly Baroness!
Using a European accent, Morgan voiced the character through both GI Joe miniseries, the two seasons of the Marvel Sunbow cartoon, plus the full-length feature film. She was also one of the few voice actors to continue her role when production of the series moved to DiC studios in 1989!

Though second-in-command of Cobra, the Baroness is more devoted to arms dealer Destro than to Cobra Commander himself! Also (like Zartan), Baroness is a master of disguise, and an expert in weapons and hand-to-hand combat. Her tough and self-assured personality combined with her long dark hair, glasses, and sexy demeanor have made the character a fan favorite!

Other cartoons you may have heard Morgan’s voice in are Star Blazers, where she voiced Princess Invidia, and G1 Transformers where she played both Moonracer and Firestar. She recently returned to voice acting too, and is currently playing the recurring character Fistina on Ben 10: Omniverse!

Her IMDB page is here.