Megan Mackie

Booth C-20

Megan Mackie is a writer, actor, and playwright. She started her writing career as an indie author and had such good success in her first year with her inaugural book The Finder of the Lucky Devil, she was offered a deal with Crossroads Press. She has since published several books in her series with plans to publish other series as well. Megan is an avid gamer and is involved on working on Onyx Paths new RPG Legendlore. She has become a personality at many cons in the mid-west, recognizable by her leather hat and red and white candy bowl.

Outside of writing she likes to knit, play games board games, RPGs, and video games. She lives in Chicago with her husband and children, dog, three cats, and her mother in the apartment upstairs.


11:00 am-1:00 pm: Book signing

2;00 pm-3:00 pm: Panel

3:00 pm-4:00 pm: Book signing


Sunday at 2:00 pm in Grand Gallery Overlook E

Megan Mackie

ConQuest: The Art of Selling at Cons

Congratulations! You’ve written a book, created some art, published a comic book, knitted the world’s cutest bunny. Now what? In this panel I will go over the basics of what actionable steps you need to take to start selling these marvelous creations at Cons. Come! Get your questions answered or if you’re just curious, everyone is welcome.