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Samantha Alleyne

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Samantha Alleyne is a model and actress from London. She is best known for playing the first ever designated female Stormtrooper in Star Wars and has appeared in 'The Force Awakens', 'Rogue One', 'The Last Jedi', 'Solo', 'The Rise of Skywalker' and 'Andor'. She also played the X-Wing Pilot 'Allie Samta' in the 'Rise of Skywalker'.

Outside of Star Wars, Samantha was a stand-in for Gal Gadot and played an Amazon in 'Wonder Woman: 1984' and a Gotham City Police Officer in 'The Batman'.

I don't have a website but my socials are:


Instagram: @saminthecity79

Twitter: @samkkalleyne

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