Matthew Cushman

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My interest in cutaway art lead me to Ferris State University to study Technical Illustration. It was there back in 1992 that I began my journey into sci-fi cutaways with an illustration of the original Starship Enterprise as my final thesis.  I joined with a publisher soon after graduation and continued revising and improving the original work. We eventually printed our final version after licensing and review from Paramount Pictures and the Star Trek Art Department.  Nearly fifty thousand copies of that original drawing have been sold worldwide, including one which was hung in the Smithsonian during the Star Trek 30th Anniversary in 1996. It was with this cutaway that I learned the power of technical illustration to open up a deeper narrative, which continues to fascinate me to this day – to witness the wonder in a person’s eyes every time I am able to explain the unbelievable and to make the impossible possible to believe.

  Following the initial success gained from my first Enterprise cutaway poster, I had the privilege of working alongside the film production of Star Trek’s “First Contact” to produce cutaway illustrations for both the Enterprise E and the Phoenix. Eventually my work branched out with a licensed Star Wars cutaway, work on Wing Commander with Twentieth Century Fox, creating inserts for Playmate Toys, Inc., and even having my work published in a few books like the Haynes Workshop Manual (for the Enterprise) and Star Wars Trilogy Sourcebook. The experiences of working directly with studios like Paramount and Lucasfilm have given me insight into the sci-fi world few people get to see, so I continue to use my connections and skills to create new cutaway art and improve upon old themes. My latest works can be seen on and the new 2020 Star Trek, Ships of The Line Calendar. And while taking on this universe, I am also the Principle of Cushdesign, Inc. For 20 years my company has worked in the Graphic Design and Illustration Business specializing patent art, logo design, and product development.